All About Mehndi Designs For Your Hands

Beauty is not restricted to the facial features and in order to appear attractive one must pay attention to, and spruce up all body parts. Hands are one part of the body that contributes a lot to your outward appearance. Not everyone is born with naturally beautiful hands and long talons, and they can adorn their hands with the best mehndi designs coupled with the acrylic nail tips. Whereas the former can help in lending a traditional and yet modern feel to your outlook, the latter can add that style quotient and complete the look.

All About Mehndi Designs For Your Hands

Mehndi designs can be of various types and there are experts who have undergone a certain amount of training in the art of decorating hands with henna. For traditional functions like weddings and cultural festivities, one can sport much fuller patterns with intricate and ornate designs. Pakistani henna designs should be opted for at such times. Arabic henna is more contemporized and incorporates both modernity and traditionalism. These types of designs are linear and leave empty spaces in between. Some people opt for henna as temporary body art and might use it to design the area around the navel, the waist, shoulders, or the forearm.

After application of the henna on the hand or any other body part, it needs to be kept on for few hours such that the color takes on a darker tone. Mehndi designs take on a darker shade when lemon juice is applied on the henna as it dries, or when the hands are wrapped in plastic of some sort to capture the body heat. The coloration also depends on the level of keratin in the area where the mehndi is being applied, and both are directly proportional to each other. Sometimes certain chemicals are added to the paste in order to enhance coloration.

Without beautifully trimmed nails, your hand will not look good when henna is applied. In the absence of natural talons, you can opt for the acrylic nail tips which can be availed in various shapes and sizes. While adorning your hands with the choicest mehndi designs, you can also paint the acrylic nail tips in keeping with the mehndi. The artificial nails can also be printed and pierced. As these nails are tough, there is no fear of them breaking off. The paint does not come off easily either. And to top it all, the natural nails get the additional supportFeature Articles, which keeps them from breaking. Coupling these two can help you sprucing up your hands to make them all the more attractive.

Latest Saree Blouse Designs For Indians

Earlier, blouses weren’t paid much attention to. The grace of the saree solely depended on the beauty of work on it. Blouses were simple round neck with half sleeves. There was a trend of three-fourth sleeves and even full sleeves during that epoch. It highlighted the sophisticated appeal of the glamorous outfit. But now, blouse is as important as the saree itself. It is no more just a neglected piece of garment to be worn with a saree. It is something that can ameliorate or deteriorate the charm of a saree and a saree blouse design. With society being more open-minded, blouse designs are getting very popular. Sleeveless blouses look fabulous. Not audacious enough to carry it? Wear a cap-sleeves or mega sleeves blouse with panache. Plunging necklines blow the clarion that you are proud to be a woman and you embrace your feminine charm with happiness.

Latest Saree Blouse Designs For Indians

There is a plethora of options to choose from while selecting the neckline. Square neck oozes sensuality. If you are not very experimenting, you can go with pointed u-neck or a simple v-neck design. Scalloped neckline looks very feminine and graceful. Halter neck or bikini styled blouse are perfect to flaunt that ‘sexy back’ in style! Many different styles can be created with the help of patchwork and piping. You can have stripes running crisscross over the back. Dori design is so much in vogue. It adds hoary glamor to the blouse.  Blouses adorned with sequin work are also a fad these days. You can wear a plain chiffon saree in a vibrant color with heavy sequined shimmering blouse to look like a celebrity! Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone wore a heavily embellished beige color blouse with her saree to Cannes Film festival. While wearing a blouse with a lot of embellishment, make sure it is either sleeveless of as cap-sleeves otherwise it might look tawdry.

You can add net sleeves to your blouse to look different. Try unconventional necklines like Chinese collar or a sweetheart neckline with collar. Instead of hooks, you can try beautiful colored drawstrings like in a bikini top to wear the blouse. Or if you want to stick to the hooks for wearing your blouseComputer Technology Articles, try getting them over your back instead on the bust. This will provide a better fitting. Or a sipper on the sides is also a nice idea. Get a blouse stitched with a deep scoop neckline at the back. Bring in zany drama to your ensemble by adding drawstrings with pom-pom over the scoop neckline. Experiment and explore the concealed fashionista within you. There are a lot of saree blouse designs available online to choose from.

Dentists Care About Health

Dentists need their patients to know that there is more to good oral hygiene than simply showing up twice a year for a check-up. There are a lot of things that the patient needs to do in the interim to maintain the health of his or her mouth.

Dentists are not just concerned about the welfare of their patients’ teeth but about their entire bodies. They realize that the mouth is an important part of the body that plays a role in many aspects of life. A smile is the first thing many people notice when meeting a new person; it is the portal through which good food and drink passes as we entertain our new acquaintance; it is the outlet for our speech that we use to discuss all the facts or our world; it is the tool we use for that first goodnight kiss after a wonderful evening. Dentists become doctors because they know how important oral hygiene is. They have spent years in college and afterward working toward their goal and now that they have reached it they want you to know that there is a lot more to a healthy mouth than one might think.

Many people do not realize just how important our mouths are. Bad breath and stained teeth are minor and cosmetic problems compared to some of the complications that can result from poor oral hygiene. There is a large amount of research that suggests heart disease, stroke and diabetes are all increased in people with poor oral health. Gum disease and cavities can lead to more serious infections. Increased sensitivity because of these problems or tooth loss can lead to a reduction in eating and a loss of weight and general well being. An unhealthy smile can literally kill you.

Fortunately, dentists are there to prevent any of these problems long before they even become an issue. Having semi-annual check-ups with a cleaning by a hygienist and x-rays to evaluate the underlying architecture ensure that any problem is caught in its most nascent stage. In addition to saving you from more serious problems, having a check-up every few moths also prevents expensive costs and painful procedures from being necessary.

Your Business Deserves a Second Chance!

Your Business Deserves A Second Chance!
When you started your business, you dreamed your customers would love your products and services. They would be excited. You would make money doing what you love.
Then reality set in. You put lots of time in your business. You got fewer profits. Now you compete with every Tom, Dick and Harry to sell your product or service. The future is not secure.
Today, you get a second chance to change your business picture. A fresh start! In this article, you will focus on the second of five critical issues that influence how customers come to your business. Last issue we focused on your target population. This time, you can complete an exercise to clarify your marketing message.

The Need to be Different

The only way to be successful in our new economy is to be different, be unique and special to your market. When you separate yourself from your competitors, you can get back to the original dreams you had about owning your business. Over 3000 impressions bombard your customer every day, asking them to buy. How are you going to make yourself different from the 2999 impressions that he or she ignores each day?

Stake Out a Position

Complete this exercise to carve a position for your business and to clarify your marketing message. Start by answering the following questions:

•What are the three biggest problems your customer want solved when they come to your business?

•What are three gaps or complaints customers have about your industry?

•What positions do your competitors take in addressing customer problems?

•What three things could you do that are different from what others are doing in your industry?

You create a marketing position by staking out one piece of your target market. It could be a place where no competitor goes. It could be a place where others are now but you can do it different or better. Here are some other ways to carve out your position.

•Can you add or subtract something from your industry standards?
•Can you make it bigger or smaller?
•Can you customize?
•Can you make it last longer?
•Can you combine it with something else?
•Can you make it more portable for your customers?

For example, your industry standard offers a one year guarantee on a product. You could offer an 18 month guarantee. You could be known as “the business with the best guarantee”.
From the above process identify at least two potential positions you can take in your target market that will make you unique, different or special to your customers.